"Geodess" 20”x 26” cement, lathe, stained glass (click on thumbnail to view larger image)

"Study in Resilience"

Mixed media assemblage series from The Buffalo Project.

The head of an American bison constructed with artifacts and local found objects, collected in Colorado including, but not limited to: dog tags, keys, pins and various found jewelry, Coors cans, license plates, horseshoes, belt and buckles, drawer pulls, bike gears and chains, snow tire chains, bed springs, shotgun shells...etc.

This project began with an intent to make art that reflected the attributes and spirit of Colorado. The buffalo was chosen because its resilience and iconic symbolism showcases the strength and spirit of the West. The project also attempts to preserve the detritus of humanity and the individual experiences inherent in the local objects and materials found to construct the buffalo. Much of the material came from a resident treasure hunter who grazed Colorado’s parks and open spaces with his metal detector providing a collection of artifacts which contain their own stories and histories. The buffalo becomes the sum of those parts, connecting people who would otherwise not have a relationship to each other. Collectively, it tells our story as a community. The end product is something residual, yet rich in texture and culture and honors the history imbued in the assembled objects while celebrating the spirit of the state.

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